Latest News:

Club Hut re-opening

Date:2021-05-16 09:13:45

The Club Hut will re-open on Monday 17th May 2021. Maximum 2 people in the hut at one time, windows to be opened for ventilation.

Phoenix is now open again

Date:2021-03-31 11:49:20

Phoenix is now open for flying again.  Please see the Noticeboard for Covid Secure requirements.  You must sign in to Track & Trace on arrival and please remember that Social Distancing is still necessary.

Article 16

Date:2021-03-31 11:38:00

We now operate only under Article 16 Authorisation.  See BMFA Quick Start Guide on the table in front of the hut.  If you need further information, contact the Committee via the "Contact Us" on the website.

Weather Forecast

Date:2020-11-02 09:04:07

To see the XC Weather forecast for London Colney, click HERE.

Live Wind Monitoring

Date:2020-11-02 08:53:09

Live Wind Monitoring from the patch is now functioning again.  Click HERE to access the Phoenix page on the WeatherFile website.  When you first access this page, you may find that windspeed is being shown in metres per second - click on Settings (on mobile devices click on Menu first) and change Wind Speed Units to Miles Per Hour.  Save the page as a favourite.  The table data is quite useful to indicate the current trend - if you set the selection to "Last 24 hours", that is a good starting point.  We plan to get this data displayed directly in the Members Area eventually.


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